Sunday, December 30, 2007

Menus For A New Year

Better Homes & Gardens are at it again! The Menu Cook Book (1972) has a great collection of party menus that would certainly add a certain level of class to your New Year's soirée.

This looks like an outtake from Amy Sedaris' book, I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence. And, in fact, the highlight here is the Pastitsio, a Greek dish that was pictured in her book.

Those holiday plates can get crowded. What better way to combat the space limitations by combining entrée and side dish in one neat package?

Take notice: this is what a proper party looks like. Cocktail Franks and Meatballs, various Canapés, and a molded spread. Brightly-hued tableware, bold pillar candles, and frilled toothpicks complete the scene.

The Tutti-Fruitcake, a holiday leftover.

Olé! Spanish airs bless this Pickled Meat Loaf on Rye Bread with Gazpacho Relish. Surely a close second to the earlier Greek feast.

Ring in the New Year the right way: with the greenest of gelatin salads! Sure, you can serve the Rump Roast and the Spice Cake, but they'll all be coming back for the shimmering molded salad!


jason67 said...

As usual, that green gelatin salad looks AWFUL!!!

Kudos you, for yet another example of sketchy moulded salads!