Friday, December 21, 2007

Time Can't Tarnish The Glow

Last year, I made a post about some of the aluminum Christmas tree gems you can find on the internet, including this 1959 pamphlet called How To Decorate Your New Aluminum Christmas Tree. This year, I have a few new aluminum Christmas presents for you.

Before you set up your tree, consult these 'Instructions for Assembling 'Sparkler' Aluminum Trees.' If you need more visuals than the instructions provide, head over to YouTube to watch someone set up their vintage aluminum tree. While you're there, you might be interested in watching 'Metal Mania', a clip on the resurgence of aluminum trees from ABC News. You can also buy the Reynolds Wrap advertisement above as postcards on Etsy!

But, the best find of all is a tutorial courtesy of Jenn Ski's fabulous blog. You can actually make your own miniature tinsel tree! It's pretty adorable! Thank you to Jenn Ski for unearthing that treasure!