Friday, December 07, 2007

Gyo Fujikawa's Holiday Illustrations

Gyo Fujikawa was a famous illustrator, most notably of children's books, who was known for her harmonious images of children of many races at play -- long before multiculturalism was a common theme. Interestingly, Fujikawa didn't merely illustrate children's books. 'Her versatility as an artist was demonstrated by working on advertisements for a variety of products; everything from Eskimo Pies and Beech-Nut Baby Foods to promotional materials for Disney Studio's Fantasia.' [1] While the final set of images from the December 1965 issue of Family Circle aren't the adorable children Fujikawa was known for, these cherubic elves and lovely reindeer evoke the vibrancy of naïve holiday mirth.

Front cover exposé - 'Santa Had A Secret', all artwork by Gyo Fujikawa.

The elves' mad rush to decorate the tree

Santa takes flight (with a close-up of the reindeer artwork)


jason67 said...

Wow... These are really fab!