Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ingenuity! Splendor! Wire!

Two very tasteful designs that would fit splendidly into any early 1960s house..

.. And, well, if those frilled toothpicks that keep your sandwiches together say Christmas, then I suppose these ornaments do, too! The festive spaceship (third arrow down) is brilliant!

Wire handicrafts..

.. for every skill level. Butterflies at Christmas?

'New ways with old traditions' includes the always fascinating honeycomb decorations.

Many of these 'new traditions' were crafted by the graphic designer, Robert Winquist.

'Designs to test your ingenuity' - Only one of these designs will result in 'man-talk.'

These eerie gold foil reindeer supposedly will appeal to the 'female "half" of your family.'

'Fine holiday splendor for your home'

Check out the Christmas tree made of glass bowls. There's a little bit of ingenuity in that piece!


Feisty_Granny said...

I actually love the gold foil reindeer... That vacant stare does something for me!