Friday, January 04, 2008

Lunches and Brunches

To round our our Better Homes & Gardens series, we'll end with the bright and bold Lunches And Brunches of 1963. Like Meals In Minutes, this is an earlier volume full of, I think, some of most brilliant and color coordinated images Better Homes ever conceptualized.

Front cover

Straight From Denmark - A nice spread, including spiced porridge at the bottom. I'm most impressed, though, by the spiky butter balls in the top left corner. Fact: In Denmark, this table would have a live, clucking chicken rather than its ceramic counterpart.

July Jubilee - I like that all the cut fruits and vegetables are reassembled using a cream cheese-based adhesive.

Bing Cherry Mold - And it even looks like it's wearing a tiny hat, just like der Bingle.

Tomato Aspic - Before and After

Vegetable bouquets and Spring Sandwich Puffs! Get your vegetable bouquets and Spring Sandwich Puffs here!

My favorite, Chicken Croquettes! 'You may have forgotten just how good they are.' I haven't!

Lunch-box Favorites

Easter Morning - An Easter bonnet posing as an omelet and more spiky butter balls! Just be thankful you don't have to see the Creamed Sweetbreads in Patty Shells nor read the sentence, 'Remove membrane from cooked sweetbreads'! Well, just be thankful you don't have to see it.

Recipe Roundup! Molded Tuna Ring that actually has a built-in holder for the mustard. I like the cut of the rye bread.

Could it be that these salads are really show offs? I mean, the Tuna Ring, for instance makes an impression, but is it the right impression? Also, I'm not sure why the two Tuna Rings are two different colors!

Eggs Goldenrod - 'Hard-cooked egg whites are chunked into creamy white sauce, spooned over hot toast. Atop go sieved yolks!' That seems like a waste, but I guess it might be palatable.

The editors of Better Homes & Gardens see 'a touch of glamour' in this Eggs Benedict. I see the new face of terror, appearing soon at your local theater in the full-length feature, Haunted Hollandaise.

Back cover! A medley of delicious delights! Feel free to make this the wallpaper on your desktop!

And, to all my readers, have a happy and healthy 1964 1976 2008!


Mandyhello said...

I just featured the recipe for tomato aspic on my daily retro recipe twitter feed:

Thanks for the great pictures, I actually just found this cookbook this weekend for $1 at an antique store!