Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Meals in Minutes

Amid the whirl of holiday preparations, it can be hard to find time to follow your regular routine. Better Homes & Gardens' time-saving guide to Meals In Minutes from 1963 is the perfect solution for the stressed chef who is strapped for time.

Front cover - This is the book for you if you gotta 'Beat The Clock'.

This book was a bit tricky to scan, but I think you can still get a taste for the authentic 1960s packaging displayed on this page. Frozen Shrimp Soup just doesn't utilize such classic packaging design anymore.

Big meals with small appliances for people who mean well but have bad taste. (Note: That tic-tac-toe board in the middle isn't just a regular ol' burger! Unbelievably, it's something exotic called Burgers in Bologna Boats!)

This is the most meticulously arranged steak and veg platter I've ever seen! Maybe it's modern art.

High-hat Meat Loaves in everyone's favorite Corning Ware dish.