Monday, December 03, 2007

100: Holiday Handicrafts

Here is a fantastic set of understated and tasteful craft ideas from the December 1965 issue of Family Circle magazine. The circles of families were surely busy that holiday season!

Making a festive holiday candle out of a Pure-Pak drink carton. Pure-Pak: the only leading carton that contains no wax.

The only thing forbidden about these cute fruit ornaments is not hanging them on every bough of your Christmas tree!

If you're not interested in a traditional tree, check out these tissue topiaries.

This one looks more like a piñata! Note that those brilliant mod orbs are actually covered soup bowls!

Don't forget to spread cheer outside your home with these neat 3-D holiday cards!

Stay tuned for more time-saving and sophisticated holiday tips from the past!


jason67 said...

OOOOH! I like the orb soup bowls!!! I could do without the tissue topiary piñatas, though ;-)

Maria said...

Aren't they gorgeous?! I've never seen anything like them (that was a soup bowl, anyway).. I wouldn't mind coming across them in a store. Yeah, the tissue topiary piñatas are kind of garish compared to the orb soup bowls!