Friday, December 21, 2007

O Christmas Trees!

Even the Ebenezers out there must once in a while bask in the glory of a magnificent Christmas tree, whether verdant or shining with lustrous silver needles (in the case of the glorious aluminum tree). The succinct holiday tune, 'O Christmas Tree,' says it best: 'For every year the Christmas tree, brings to us all both joy and glee.' Luckily, Better Homes & Gardens have collected nine pages of nontraditional joy and glee, and some of these specimens are almost as resplendent as the finest tree you ever did see.

Beans, rice, and wheat.. A tissue paper fiesta.. Real angel hair.. Did you ever think of making trees out of any of these materials?

This is, in all sincerity, one of the most gorgeous trees I've ever seen. It was designed by C. Pollock, who was clearly an artist with a beautiful vision. Too nice to be on a shag carpet!

This is a very interesting tree made of broken glass ornaments.

A cute tree for the nursery and some other less furry varieties.

'Variegated designs for those who are fancy free' - I like the one with the multicolored styrofoam balls, but I can't see how these are more 'light-hearted' than the last four pages!

Who could have guessed that Q-tips and tiny bells would make such nice decorations! For the scientist with too much time on their hands: 'Make Christmas fantasy by combining test tubes, beakers, and hollow tubes, with clothespins, welding rods, and hat rack. For color, add glitter.'

Some chic geometric designs and a tree that even Better Homes calls an 'oddy'!

'A little bit of novelty never hurt anybody' - Well, I'm sure that chiding comment hurt someone's feelings! And, anyway, if 'novelty' is hanging ornaments off the side of one of those cat trees, you can keep it!

From novelty to 'novel tree'.. Modern lines with a touch of real nature.