Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tree Ornaments Galore!

In recent years, holiday gear has become more and more inflated and pre-decorated. But at one time, namely in 1962, creativity was laudable, and people were willing to deck their halls with handmade decorations made of various odds and ends collected throughout the year. And wherever, and whenever, the demand for festive falderols existed, so, too, did Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas. This edition of the tastemakers' highly-prized compendium of concepts and guesses dates from 1962, and it is literally packed full of gems the likes of which your eyes have never seen. Until now.

Front cover showing full-color highlights from this invaluable collection of Ideas. See any ideas you like?

From the Table of Contents - a small sampling of the creme de la creme. Coat hanger wire designs! Gold foil cardboard reindeer! ..

Doll collections displayed on giant wreaths! It sounds too good to be true.

Here are some 'dazzlers' that, say, your kindergartener could make out of packing materials and bric-à-brac from around the house! Modern magazines just don't have enough articles about 'fruit liner versatility' anymore.

'Fantasy in color' - Fantasy.. nightmare.. whichever!

'Do these look like anyone you know?' (Note from the publishers of Better Homes & Gardens: Any resemblance to real or actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.)

Now you can finally put your drawer of zipper boxes to good use!

Whether your family is Whimsical, Traditional, or Different, you can make gaudy ornaments to compliment your traditions!


Sabii Wabii said...

I'm loving the pink apron on the cover. I think I have this magazine! What a fun site...

Maria said...

Thank you, Terisa! The magazine is full of great pictures, isn't it? I love the apron, too!