Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arrested Development - Season Three

Arrested Development

Not a lot more can be said about Arrested Development, the brilliantly quirky Fox comedy that was finally dropped after three stressful seasons. Adding salt to wounds was the further disappointment at the Emmys last Sunday (the show was nominated for best comedy, Will Arnett for best supporting actor in a comedy -- both lost). Many bloggers have already waxed poetic in the name of this underappreciated show whose intelligence and wit remain unmatched on the tv landscape. Still, I think the show was so side-splitting and unique that it deserves one final plug.

Arrested Development's third and *sniff* final season is out on DVD now. I went to get my copy of the two-dvd set today, and the first store I went to was sold out. A worker told me that they were flying off the shelves on Tuesday. It's worth any amount of perserverence to get your hands on a copy. Watch it and mourn for all of the brilliance we've been deprived.