Thursday, December 06, 2007

The full holiday menu

Family Circle had a thing or two to say about the state of 1965's dinner tables.

The swanky Open-House Buffet - Take me to your crackers.. Paté-cheese mold

An inventive Christmas Dinner spread, including the unsavory Noel Stuffed Onion ('Noel' = puréed peas), the volcanic Potato Puff spewing out Candied-Yam Sticks (yum!), and the divine Eggnog Bavarian. If anyone wants to add one of these dishes to their holiday menu, I can upload the recipe(s)!

New Cooky Treats - Various 'cooky' types stuck to colored paper trees make for impressive centerpieces!


NellieTAG said...

My, I can't begin to tell you how many ideas this is giving me for the upcoming holidays.

My husband is imploring me to track down some of these recipes and prepare them but I am truly stuck as to: i) which holiday would be appropriate; ii) is it polite to advise guests to come equipped with sunglasses and Tums?; iii) would any buffet be complete with a tomato aspic or a Full o' baloney casserole?

This is a blog of technic-coloured delights.

I have to know - did anybody actually ever prepare this stuff or was it (somehow) supposed to be aspirational? Did everyone eat sensible food and stick to apple pie for pudding?

WV is exciagie - it's almost as if WV is over-exciagie by the food and extraordinary photographs.

Maria said...

I hope you're planning on the Noel Stuffed Onion! I can't even imagine a holiday without onions stuffed with the mushiest of peas!

Now, frankly, I think that these dishes would be appropriate for any and all holidays! I think you'll find that once you prepare a few for special occasions, you'll want to make them all year round. In fact, you'll probably stop wanting to eat 'normal' food all together! I can definitely answer your last question: I wouldn't dream of having a buffet without the Full o' baloney casserole! You might as well send all your guests home if you don't provide one! I generally don't provide recipes if they don't appear on the page with the picture I'm posting, but I know where these magazines are.. If you really do want the recipes, let me know!

The more eye-searing, the better! I love the odd layer of pistachio green in the aspic mold in the first picture.

I don't really know if anyone ever prepared these recipes. When I show my cookbooks to my mom, she makes a face at all the disgusting dishes, and she claims that neither her family nor any family that she ever knew ate anything like them. Someone had to have made them, though. The amazing magnitude.. the decades worth of dubious recipes.. So many cookbooks wouldn't exist if there weren't a market. However, my impression is that none of this was considered everyday food for most people. I hope, anyway!