Saturday, December 22, 2007


There's nothing sweeter than a homemade gift. No store bought tchochke can ever say more than something you craft with your own two hands. And it doesn't even matter how crafty you are! Not when Better Homes & Gardens is giving you all sorts of amazing ideas that you can claim as your own!

'A wall, is a wall, is a wall... unless it gets some special attention.' - Give that special wall in your life something it will be proud to wear, like this modernistic mish mash..

.. Or these wall hangings made of old Christmas cards and empty tissue boxes!

Why not tell someone you love them with felt? Have you considered that?

These animals are pretty impressive! Even nicer than Pack-O-Fun! It's amazing how detailed the llama, lion, and turtle are! Also, on the right side is a Shoe-box Family! The items on this page might be more fun for kids to make than to receive as Christmas presents, though.

Hey, youngster! These animals (and scary clown) would be great fun for any child who is never addressed in a more personal fashion than the term 'youngster.' These animals are fuzzy and have fancier trimmings than the last herd. The clown will cause nightmares, though.