Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Not Being Rude, But...

Simon Cowell stars in The Miracle of the Bells with Frank Sinatra and Valli (detail of movie poster from March 1948 Woman's Home Companion - coincidentally, Fred MacMurray's character is described in the poster as a 'cynic, dreamer, and maker of stars!')

"There was one great part to your movie - it was the end!"

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Chocolate boxes and rose bouquets are the standard go-to gifts for Valentine's Day sweethearts. But, soon those boxes will be littered with crumpled wrappers and the flowers will be wilting in their vases. Why not give her a distinctive gift she can wear all year? No, not jewelry! A hat! Woman's Home Companion (March 1948 issue) has a few styles that will complement any face you could possibly wish to hat.

"The Cat Toy"

My favorite part of the caption is when the flower is described as 'arrogant'. Is that a positive adjective for a hat? Also, I'm wondering why the model is poking herself in the chin like that. Is this her Robert Mitchum impression?

"The Old Man of the Mountain"

If you look closely, she has a little friend on the top of her head. She hears him calling out to her when she's alone.

"The Taco"

This hat is ridiculous, and the model knows it. She's looking at her beau and thinking, 'You just don't get me, do you?'