Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Very Miriam B. Loo Christmas

Food is almost as important a consideration as crafts when it comes to the winter holidays. Current's Miriam B. Loo's Holiday Cookbook (1979) is a treasured collection of warm and joyous foodstuffs that will delight your friends and family.

Front cover - This gingerbread house (with Pippi Longstocking hanging out the turret!) is about to have a guest.

Meet Miriam B. Loo, who was a holiday in and of herself. She was also a big fan of the fruit ornaments featured in the December 1965 issue of Family Circle!

There's something very disconcerting about this scene featuring a drab peasant woman standing over a herd of Turkey Velouté. Maybe it's the way they seem to be leaning expectantly towards her.

This intergalactic visitor is what passed for a vegetable in the 1970s! Miriam claims it's a Spinach and Onion Mold, but does that make it right?

'Salads,' this page insists.

This Red and Green Aspic Mold, 'so pretty for a holiday buffet,' is eerily reminiscent of a favorite family game, Cat's Eye.

What says 'happy holidays to you and yours' like a wreath made out of the husks of podpeople? Oh, and breads aplenty.


jason67 said...

Another lovely assortment of gelatin salads...

Why oh why did they go out of style?

Maria said...

Your compliment would warm Miriam B. Loo's heart! Though, I suspect they've gone out of vogue because they're a little disgusting. But, they are mesmerizing to look at!

jason67 said...

LOL... only a "little"?

Maria said...

Ha, I was trying to be respectful of Mrs. Loo's life work! Those gelatin salads were probably all she had to live for, so it'd be a shame to say they're anything more than a little disgusting!

Anonymous said...

She had a lot more to live for than gelatin salads(gross or not).
When is the last time you founded a company that has empoyed thousands of people?

Maria said...

In no way did I intend to offend you or the achievements of Miriam B. Loo. Most of my commentary is tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously (or as an opinion on the foods or crafts found within the books). In fact, the purpose of my blog is to celebrate the artistry of a dying breed of cook and craft related books and advertising. I am a serious collector, I derive pleasure from the books, and I like to share my love with other fanatics. There are other blogs that follow a similar formula (nostalgic images and humorous commentary) that are downright lewd, and I have always hoped that my blog followed higher standards (e.g. not comparing edibles to various organs or bodily compounds). I sincerely apologize for any insensitive remarks I made, and I will reconsider all future commentary. Thank you for your comments.