Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bring Back My Bonnets To Me, To Me

The Hats Came Back! Elizabeth Ambrose, Woman's Home Companion fashion editor, introduced the newest hat styles of the day in the April 1947 issue of the magazine. Here are four of the newest looks that you're sure to see donning some of the loveliest heads. And, if you're looking to dress your own naked head, be sure to ask for these styles by name!

Pilgrim's Progress - With an eye-catching velveteen train of crackly autumnal foliage

Wing Tip - Let everyone know you're 'here' with this delicate dove attention-getter!

The After-Storm Stroll - Sailor hats are never more charming than after a jaunt through some debris!

After-Dinner Mint - This hat lends a zing of freshness to your ensemble

Monday, July 04, 2011

Swimming With The Fishes

Woman's Home Companion had fish on the brain in September 1947. There were two eager fishmen vying for your attention that month, both presenting themselves in alluring treatments sure to please the pickiest eaters.

Long before Discovery Channel exposed viewers to the elements in Deadliest Catch, Deep-Sea Dave, the long-suffering famous Davis Bros. mascot, was living it. Dave agreed to represent Coddies, the fish cakes with 'oceans of flavor,' in exchange for his own life. While we'll never really know how many of his friends and family may have had their fates sealed in aluminum with labels promising 'broiled thrills,' we do know that the cods (and the mackerels) were on Dave's side when he was let off the hook that lucky day. Either that or he had some chum over at the Tupman Thurlow Company, distributor and 'Sole Selling Agents' of Davis Bros. seafoods. 'Sole Selling Agents'? I wonder if they were affiliated with B. Azlebub (of "B. Dazzled with B. Azlebub" fame) deviled seafood?

'Catch of the Day? Why, me, of course!' Mazola Salad Oil also netted a fish pitchman. Here, Mazola's unnamed chef offers up her broiled fish steak and tartar sauce recipes.

Partners in Brine (for closer consideration): It looks like her apron strings are dripping in seawater... or, is it Mazola Salad Oil?

Now, when you see a fish, you won't think anything but 'delish'!!