Sunday, December 03, 2006

La Rosa's 101 Ways To Prepare Macaroni

You might think there couldn't possibly be more than, say, one hundred ways to prepare pasta, but this lovely booklet from La Rosa dried pasta proves you wrong. 1949's 101 Ways To Prepare Macaroni is one of my favorites, a close second to the cookbook from my first post.

1. Front cover

2. A nice introductory page. Illustrates La Rosa's
factories in Brooklyn, NY and Hatboro, PA.

3. Lasagne Imbottite (Baked Lasagne)

4. Consomme

5. Egg Noodles with Curried Lamb

6. Egg Noodles with Chicken Liver Sauce

7. Spaghetti with Shrimp Tomato Sauce

8. Macaroni and Cheese (the meatless kind)

9. Tomato Aspic with Crabmeat

10. Noodle Fruit Pudding (with prunes, not leeches)

11. Hors D'oeuvres - The 'cradles' are shells..

12. ..And here is a list of suggested fillings


Steven Altis said...

That Noodle Fruit Pudding thing reminds me of a noodle & snail dish I had once that was actually very good, considering that it was full of noodles and snails...

Curly Wurly said...

Noodles?! Yuck! No, actually, that sounds pretty intriguing. I imagine snails are very rubbery? It didn't have a cheese sauce, though, did it?