Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kraft Complete Cheese Cookbook

Buongiorno! The Complete Cheese Cookbook: Romance Cheeses From Kraft (1971) claims to be the only cheese reference that any worldly or cultured cheese connoisseur could ever need. One look at some of these scrumptious Velveeta fests should put no doubt in your mind that this is the book you need to track down. Because, let's face it, you'd never have thought of melting cheese product over any of these foods.

(Click images to enlarge)

1. First of all, this reference guide hopes to debunk some of the oft-contested cheese myths. This delightful recounting of a camel ride gone bad is surely how it all happened. Who wouldn't be delighted by it all?

2. A sepia-toned globe offset by a pecan-crusted globe. They took a chunk out of Eastern Europe and spread it on a cracker!

3. A lighter bite - Picnic Sticks

4. This is a classic cheese rabbit. Either that or toast trapped in the middle of a Velveeta war.

5. Mostaccioli - Featuring the rare imported formaggio Velveeta dell'Italia (Tip: Check the rind before buying. If 'Velveeta' is stamped on the side, you know it's authentic!)

6. Chicken Rococo - It doesn't get any fancier than deep-fried Cheese Twinkies

7. Cheddar Beef Rolls - (Dis)comfort food is best served rolled.

8. Just as I was about to post this cookbook, I discovered that the Cheddar Beef Rolls (above) was a popular prototype for variations on a rolled beef theme. Here's an ad for the Miracle Meat Rolls (made with Miracle Whip)!

9. Introducing the Company Steak Rolls from a McCormick/Schilling cookbook. Can you guess what decade this is from?