Friday, December 15, 2006

The Skillet Cook Book

The Skillet Cook Book is an odd delight that might even get you excited about the modern art of skillet cookery! Published in 1958, this cookbook was brought to skillet and chafing dish owners alike by half of the duo responsible for the previous Manwich cookbook, Wesson Oil. Wesson Oil: a pure, sparkling, simple, modern miracle! Buy a bottle today!

(Click pictures to enlarge)

1. Front cover - The subtitle is an indication of the buoyancy to come!

2. Inside cover - Quick Shrimp Creole, but do yourself a favor and read the introduction (this and the following picture). It'll be the most fun you'll have reading all day!

3. Fruited Pork and Steak Au Poivre in their prettiest skillets and a continuation of the unbelievable introduction

4. Spiced Chicken

5. Inspirational Main Dishes! - My favorite part is the subtle disparaging comment about fish! It's no beef.

6. Meats Made Marvelous!

7. This is the best page in the book. Do you find yourself looking at the odd Conehead shakers instead of the luscious Schnitzel Skillet? Also, I'm still wondering what Veal Birds are.

8. Ground Beef... New Heavenly Ways

9. Mmm, "Your Choice" Hamburgers! Great tips: Be wise about pan size! Be safe whilst you chafe!

10. Tuna Croquettes - When you only want the appearance of a whole dead animal on your plate!

11. The golden hues of Vegetable Medley, Golden Fried Onion Rings

12. It's Tropical Banana Sauté!

13. Snacks and Appetizers - Never has anyone been so excited about snacks!

14. Back cover - Shrimp Royal, though I think the goofy looking guys in the background are more interesting than what's in the skillet.