Sunday, December 17, 2006

1970s Bundt Cakes

Whoever said cake pans are only for plain birthday cakes? I'm not sure anybody said that, but the grim Over 300 Delicious Ways To Use Your Bundt Pans was Nordicware's answer to those hypothetical naysayers. In this 1973 cookbook, the company that brought us many a fancy bundt pan challenged everyone's preconceptions of what a cake had to be, and, in doing so, might have alienated many cakelovers.

1. Back cover - I had to post the back cover because the front cover looked more appetizing and did not have a globe.

2. The butler is in attendance as the girl meets with the Georgian Chocolate Pound Cake (which may or may not be her mother).

3. In the light of the servant's quarters, the butler reveals himself to be Jason Lee of tv's My Name Is Earl! Maybe he wronged this Walnut Bourbon Pound Cake in the past and is now forced to see to its every need.

4. Yes, this is REAL Bean Bread made with liquified Pork n' Beans!

5. Gelatin and Lazy Days Meat Ring - Who knew 'lazy days' meant ground chuck, beer, powdered spaghetti sauce mix, and cheese sauce!

6. The Lively Salad - 'Lively' because there's a live jellyfish trapped in its gelatine walls.

7. Basic Gelatin - Away from everyone's favorite feel-good snack, Jell-O brand Jell-O, gelatin takes on a far more sinister character. It's said that there are fruits inside this gelatin, but I see something more disturbing. Look closely. Do you see a skull in among the peaches? If not, click here for a closer look.

8. Can you imagine the designer setting up this scene.. placing the big-eyed squirrels just close enough to the plate so that you can't really tell the felt woodland creatures from the Individual Ham Loaves? It just seems unnatural.

9. Meet the descendant of Oriental Shrimp Sandwich Roll! This is Tuna Soufflé Salad. As you can see, it is smaller than its predecessor, and since its color is less conspicuous, it can camouflage itself more successfully. One interesting feature of note is its extendable eye, which often gives it an advantage over its prey. I believe this is a picture of its mating ritual.

10. Pumpkin House Cake - scaring little children since 1973

11. This clown cake is the scariest of all, though. Look at that styrofoam head and gaping mouth! Stare deep into those soulless icing eyes!


jason67 said...

I still can't get over what people thought "classy" was in the 60's and 70's...

I love Bundt pans for CAKE! (Though I have been tempted to try a Jell-O concoction in one... ;-)

Curly Wurly said...

What, you don't think the lovely Tuna Soufflé Salad display is classy?! I'm just happy that there was this huge lapse in taste.. There's always something entertaining to look at!

I think Bundt pans are best for something containing beans, but I guess cake works, too! Jell-O (especially with stuff in it) looks elegant in a Bundt, though.