Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Here's a fun cookbook from Hunt Wesson Foods' manliest and messiest product, Manwich. This publication is from 1971, and it's succinctly titled, 'The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Manwich And Here Are 50 Famous Manwich Recipes.' I can't vouch for any of that, but this cookbook has a lot of interesting elements. First, there are pictures of all 50 Manwich recipes! While they are all undoubtedly members of the same family, each dish remains fascinating in its own way. Even the backdrops of the photos are interesting. One notes the elaborate scenes that play out between the familiar looking food and the revolving settings that change with each thematic gathering. The teen shindig occurs on the hood of a dune buggy, while an international soirée takes place in a barn filled with old casks. It's not all modern photography, though. There are frequent uncanny illustrations of historical and literary figures singing the praises of this tasty meat medley. If there were an award for cookbooks with mouthwatering photos and clever illustrations, this one would surely win!

Many of these are two page spreads, so you'll have to click on the image for spectacular enlarged views.

1. Front cover

2. International Dishes - Hints of Mexico, Germany (three hints, actually), France, Italy, and Polynesia. But, which one's which?

3. Coming in from the barn, you and your framed loved ones may indulge in some Family Favorites. Includes: Pennywise Meatball Dinner (like the clown?) and a dish that ends in 'a-roni'!

4. The first of our illustrations. Henry VIII is clearly impressed. Maybe he had the Cheese Crust Pie Por Favor!

5. Guests, of course, should be served the very best. If you're planning on throwing a holiday get-together this year, remember: Guests want Manwich. You don't get much more welcoming that some Mucho Gusto Chili Dip in a huge avocado green fondue pot!

6. Even our first president knew the wonders of Manwich!

7. Indoor/Outdoor Barbecues must be served in more rustic surrounds, preferably by an open hearth. It's the perfect way to try the Beef Crust Bean Pie, which resembles a giant open-faced hamburger. Also on this page are two of the blurriest dishes in the book: the Zingy Meatloaf (the secret ingredient is mustard!) and Oven Dinner Barbecue.

8. Juliet...

9. ...And Romeo (very realistic!)

10. You're invited to one outta sight bash. Gather round the dune buggy for Mod Mini Loaves, Chili Size Happening, and Teenwich Fun-Do. This is the hippest page in the book!

11. A talking ape?!

12. Quick 'n Easy means 'Everything Lucite, Everything Manwich.'

13. Clearly Shakespeare's greatest influence

14. This truly was an all-star affair. Even Brigitte Bardot makes an appearance to stress the nutritive properties of Manwich!

15. Who knew they got Mary Tyler Moore to pose for the label!


Terry said...

This was too funny. You made me laugh out loud. Love the tuna mousse being a descendant of the shrimp thingy.

The only problem is, I'm suddenly craving a Manwich!