Friday, December 29, 2006

Waring Blender Cook Book

From its front and back cover, this 1967 Waring Cook Book, which is only to be used with the 8 Push Button Blender, looks extremely promising. The delightful rainbow of colors, combined with a uniform consistency shared by all the highlighted beverages, dips, and salads, makes one's mind race with possibility. Unfortunately, this cookbook ends up being a wasted opportunity to showcase the best that the 1960s had to offer in puréed foods. All of the photos inside utilize an unappetizing black and mauve color scheme, which only achieves a claustrophobic lethargy that isn't usually associated with cookbooks. Another regrettable aspect of the book is its vagueness. Most cookbooks caption pictures or, at least, put the lucky recipe on the next page. In trying to decipher what was pictured in this book, I noticed that not only was the first recipe never the pictured dish, but none of the recipes seemed to contain any of the ingredients I could identify! All in all, this book is a big mystery, but perhaps I'm looking too closely at it.

1. Front cover

2. Back cover - Green soups, green drinks, and grey dips

3. A Short Course In Blender Cooking

4. Cookies and Confections - This odd representation of sweets is less than tempting.

5. Entrees - Hot - What is it? Your guess is as good as mine!

6. Entrees - Cold - A crown of cucumbers