Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Encyclopedia Repulsica, vol. 7 (Pot-Sal)

Excerpts from volume 13 (Pot-Sal) of Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking. Interestingly, there is no recipe for potato salad in this volume!

This menu proposes that teenagers have arrived at your house 'by the carload.' The book doesn't say whether the ravenous teenagers are friends of your youngsters or if they're a roving gang looking for sustenance. Pizza, the book insists, is 'the easiest way to cope with hungry teenagers.' I don't think that these two pies would be considered pizza to most teenagers, though! Here we see the crowd-pleasing Ham-and-Salami Pizza and the Antipasto Pizza.

The roast matches the walls, the table, and the salad!!! This is Pimiento-Stuffed Lamb with that gravel from fish tanks sprinkled over top.

The main heading of this section is 'Roasts: The Comeback Trail' which sounds vaguely political. I certainly wouldn't vote for anyone who would endorse any of these dishes! This page: Boeuf à la Mode en Gelée, Sweet and Pungent Pork, and the top of Cabbage Head's cranium.

'Cool Molded Pork Loaf is an appetizing work of art' - This is perhaps my favorite of all the Dadaist aspics.


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