Monday, February 18, 2008

Encyclopedia Repulsica, vol. 3 (Coo-Cou)

Here are some highlights from volume 6, Coo-Cou, of the Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking. The most ridiculous part of this volume is that it covers: Cooking for a Crowd, Cooking for Just Two, Cooking on Location, Cooking over the Coals, and Countdown on Calories. There's really no logic to the organization of this series!

The post-modern Smorgasbord. Why, the beet and onion plate even resembles the Sunburst clock! Some Smorgasbord highlights include: Salmon Mousse in Aspic, Fish Balls with Parsley Sauce (described as 'steaming and savory'), and Ligonberry Torte.

Melrose Place starring Steak au Poivre

'Every dieter's best friends: tall, quivery, shimmering gelatin molds made with slimming low-calorie gelatins.'