Friday, February 22, 2008

Encyclopedia Repulsica, vol. 5 (Egg-Lan)

The Sun-Gold Egg Mold is 'a diadem of hard-cooked eggs, sparkling under a gelatin glaze.' Hovering o'er a halo of cuke slices! In actuality, the 'diadem' looks like a gruesome scientific experiment.

Probably the most frightening interpretation of the Swedish Smorgasbord yet. Includes Salmon in Aspic and.. other stuff in aspic.

Cornucopia Ham Glacé is one showy star on your Easter table!

These hotdogs seem to be wrapped in some sort of meat and sprinkled with some onions. I was trying to determine which recipe this was, but, after perusing all the 'Hotdog Happenings' in the book, including the Hotdog Hoedown, the Frankfurter Fiesta, the Hotdog Winders, and even the Hotdog Saucies (not to mention the Pickle Pups and the Trade-Winds Treasure Dogs), I couldn't find mention of a non-bacon meat wrapped round a frank. It is surely a glorious idea, though.

The Weiner Tiara Bake - A traditional dish served at the annual Miss America inaugural luncheon (and, allegedly, the tiara that the contestants actually want!)

Ah, 'The Joy Of Cooking For Others'! But it's hard not to be discouraged when others are calling your 'super-rich thick' milkshakes 'Awful Awfuls'.. Of all the concoctions I see in these cookbooks, a normal milkshake seems the least awful Awful of all! This scene is, by the way, a birthday party, and the Rocket Cones are pretty neat!