Thursday, February 14, 2008

Encyclopedia Repulsica, vol. 2 (Cak-Coo)

From volume 4 of the Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking, here is the cake section:

The Buttercream Cake is unimportant. The ultracool 70s background clashing with the gaudy decor is the only reason to give this picture a second look. And, it's gorgeous!

'The birthday child will flip over this fairytale ice cream-and-cake castle turreted with pastel peppermints.' - This feat of architecture is pretty impressive even though it looks like it's about to cave in on itself.

Volume 5 (Chi-Coo) has absolutely no chicken in its pages. It does, however, have this mindblower under the 'Cool Cooking' heading. The caption says, 'As sparkly as a mini-mountain of topazes, cooling Jellied Madrilene Seville made with a cola drink.' This might be something good to make for Valentine's Day if you forgot to get a gift. When your loved one gives you an appropriately negative look, you can insist that it's like a mountain of jewels!

Not Another Smorgasbord! This one has an interesting twist: a spinal column garnish in the lemonade pitcher!

Happy Valentine's Day from Curly Wurly (and Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking, vol. 4)!! Celebrate the most romantic of holidays with tarts, cakes, embalmed hotdogs, and mucilage!