Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rin-so White, Rin-so Bright!

This Rinso advertisement from 1945 is my favorite full-page ad. It features not only a diabolical pair of twins with drawn-on frocks, but also an informational comic chock full of the information I like to know about soap! If you don't think those grotesquely cheerful twins are questionable, notice the look of hypnotized terror on their mother's face, the strains of the 'Rinso' song echoing in her ears. Even the birds, known to be an excellent judge of character, are seen fleeing away from the girls as they sing their cryptic 'Rinso' song, a syrupy incantation to who knows what dark force! Well, at least Rinso is anti-sneeze!


jason67 said...

Those creepy twins look positively manic!

Curly Wurly said...

They sure do! That's some strong Rinso!

familyvalue said...

Love it! I just discovered the old Rinso Adverts. They are very entertaining. Thank you for sharing!