Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Familiar and Unfamiliar Borden's Products

The Familiar: Borden's Condensed Milk can be used to make smooth, smooth, smooth ice cream. That might sound pretty unremarkable, but it isn't every day that Elsie the cow tells you her secret of 'speedy, extra-smooth frostings, candies, pie fillings'! It makes you wonder how often Elsie made her concoctions and how popular they were around the barn!

The Unfamiliar: You might wonder (quite rightly, I should add) what is Hemo, and why you should want to consume it. It took me a while to realize that Hemo was a powdered chocolate beverage packed with vitamins and minerals one needs to feel 'alive.' Unfortunately, it has an unappetizing name, and it's one of those products that assures you in print that it is 'a real food'! It's hard to imagine that just one glass of this stuff transforms Elmer from a lethargic homebody to a graceful and mischievous bull-about-town!

Elsewhere: Hemo will result in better behaved children (here) and better bowling cows (here).


Anonymous said...

I have an unopened can of Hemo...very old. I am an Elsie collector. Waiting for the right time to indulge!!

Steven Altis said...

Any beverage that makes you think that you're drinking blood has been woefully mis-named. Unless it's blood.

Also, those naked cow people are disturbing. It would be okay if they were drawn in a more cartoony style, but as it stands they are just way too realistic to not be wearing any pants.

Curly Wurly said...

Anonymous: An Elsie collection! That sounds fantastic!

Steven: I have to admit, the first thing I thought of was blood, too. It's an odd, confusing name. Ha, I didn't think the cow people were too bad, but I guess they are pretty shapely!