Thursday, March 29, 2007

40-Fathom Fish: The Other Charlie Tuna?

40-Fathom Fish is a now-defunct brand of seafood, based in Boston, MA. Though it might have been a farfetched claim to suggest that their products would result in neither 'trouble' nor 'fishy odors,' one thing the company could promise was wonderfully fanciful advertising. These two ads are from 1945, and both present their full line of products, alive and swimming. Between delirious chefs and women who seem enamored of suave Charlie Tuna-like sophisticates, it's hard not to feel as if we won 1st prize with these surreal illustrations. Below, the two ads are side by side (as always, click for larger images), or you can examine close-ups of the illustrations below.

Remember, there is nothing 'just as good' as 40-Fathom Fish Products!

Click here for a closer look at the trio of illustrations at the top of the first ad. Or, click here for a closer look at the angel fish in the second picture.


Anonymous said...

We keep family memorabilia, old letters & "pitchers", in a "40 Fathom Fish" tin box. It's about 5x10x16" and the lid still snaps into place. I remember it was shiny silver when I was a kid.

Steve Case
Milwaukee, WI