Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hormel Invites You To Dine

Hormel Invites You To Dine is a great little booklet from Hormel, the company most known for its perennially popular Spam luncheon meat. This isn't actually a typical cookbook with recipes, but instead it has meal planning ideas and a general survey of the Hormel product line. Because this book is so priceless, and useful, I've posted it here in its entirety. Unfortunately, the booklet is undated, but I'm assuming it's from the 1940s.

1. Front and back covers - From our family to yours! Scenes of the Geo. A. Hormel & Co. family in action beside a happy family gathered around the dining table.

2. A touching dedication to those women who never get a day off.

3. Soup's On! - This page seems to be advertising the many varieties of canned soup Hormel used to sell. It's a shame you can't find their Tomato Bretonne anymore!

4. Spam en Croute? No, this is Hormel's Flavor-Sealed Ham! The rest of the page highlights other entrée possibilities.

5. Special Treats for Special Occasions - Treats like Corned Beef Hash and Little Pork Sausages!

6. Cold or Hot, Spam Hits The Spot! - And here comes the Spam! Spam's awe-inspiring versatility is on display with dishes as varied as Spam Jardiniere and Spam S'prise. Click on this picture for a larger image packed with loads of mouthwatering Spam recipes!

7. Here, in full color, is the much-celebrated Spam & Eggs! Also, discover the joys of Creamed Spam Carolina and Rolled Spamcakes. You have over two weeks worth of meal ideas just on this page!

8. Various Spamwiches, including Spam's take on the Monte Cristo. Why, the Hot Spamwich (pictured) was even created by a 'well-known food authority'!

9. The life-saving 'What To Serve... When To Serve It...' chart. Feel free to print this out and hang it on your refrigerator for easy reference!

10. Hormel Highlights timeline and the Hormel Family of Flavor Sealed Foods family photo.


jason67 said...

"Cold or hot, SPAM hits the spot!"

There's just something wrong about the concept of SPAM...

Curly Wurly said...

Don't be down on Spam! You should give it a go! Though, just to warn you, its digestibility is suspect.

Stephanie said...

I'm researching Spam for a term paper- and want to thank you for your post!

Stephanie said...

I found an ad from Woman's Day 6/1/1939 that advertises the "Hormel Invites You To Dine" that's your date : )

Maria said...

Hi Stephanie,
I'm so jealous of your Spam term paper! It's a great topic, and I'm thrilled that I was able to help a little!

And, thank you not only for the link to the ad (you've got a great eye!), but also for the date of the book!

Lidian said...

If Hormel invites me, I might have to plead another engagement, perhaps with something I like eating better.

Brilliant stuff, as always! :)

Mikey Plannett said...

Hi there...I too am working on 2 SPAM research projects and was wondering if anyone has come across some international SPAM ads, cookbooks, etc. I have a couple cookbooks from Hawaii and one ad fromJapan, but just looking for any leads. thanks so much for this post. Amazing stuff :)


Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mikey! I've never seen any international ads for Spam. Come to think of it, I don't know about its availability or popularity it other countries. Apparently (you might have already read this), "Spam for the UK market is produced in Denmark by Tulip under license from Hormel." I'll see if I can find anything!