Monday, March 05, 2007

Purina's Shaggy dog

This is an amazing offer that was found in the same Family Circle magazine as the 'porfolio of kitchen ideas' in the last post. This advertisement is a promotion for a toy dog with a built-in imported music box. This lovable companion is called Shaggy, supposedly because he can be combed 'shaggy'. Unlike a real dog, all the instructions for caring for Shaggy are on his ribbon: 'All you add is Love.' Aww. Unfortunately, the ad doesn't address why it looks like the dog is wearing lipstick. Shaggy is shown here with the Olsen twins' mother.

Save 8 cents on your next purchase of Purina Dog Chow!

Offer void where prohibited.


jason67 said...

That little dog is creepy, and that girl looks like she's wearing a wig!

Curly Wurly said...

I agree, it's pretty terrifying! That does indeed look like a wig! All I had noticed was her face and how it looked like this ad was done during a break from filming Full House.