Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fruits Aplenty!

Here is a small collection of fruit themed advertising. The first four ads are from Life magazines dating from the 1940s, and the remainder are from the 1960s.

No, this first advertisement is not promoting those peaches we see tumbling into a bowl. In this case, it's not the fruit but the packaging that is on display. The Can Manufacturers' Institute wants you to know that 'No other container protects like the CAN'! Also, the tableau at the top seems to be a scene cut from Oklahoma!

This is a gorgeous advertisement for Dole's canned pineapple painted by Lloyd Sexton. Looking through a pineapple-ring portal, we see an idyllic day in Hawaii spread out before us.

Here is a different sort of ring in this V-8 ad, which really emphasizes its eight superior ingredients. Okay, while there's very little fruit, there is still produce involved. Some may be baffled by the claim that the flavor of V-8 is 'universally liked,' though.

Another beautifully designed ad. This one is for Libby's fruit cocktail. One thing all these advertisements from the 1940s have in common is they show the unadulterated fruits (or vegetables) that went into creating the finished products. The V-8 and Libby's ads display the different ingredients before they've been integrated, while the first two ads show the fruits before processing and canning.

A hipper, more excitable advertisement for Libby's fruit cocktail from the 1960s. Not as sophisticated (or coherent) as the previous ad.

Here's a look at Libby's main competitor, Dole. This ad looks more like an infomercial for one of those Japanese knives that can slice through anything!

OOMPH! Libby's spirited take on orange juice from concentrate.


jason67 said...

Unlike meat products and it's derivatives, painted fruit actually looks good...