Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mr. Peanut at Food With Eyes

If you're a fan of the phenomenal Mr. Peanut, you'll want to head on over to my sister's blog, Food With Eyes. She recently started a fantastic series on this dashing fellow, one of the most enduring spokescharacters of all time. You don't want to miss the impressive selections she has already shared of her astounding Mr. Peanut collection! Go for the monocled legume, stay for the googly eyes!


Lushie Peach said...

Thanks for the post, Curly Wurly! I'm not sure if my posts can live up to your description, but I'll try!

Curly Wurly said...

You're welcome Lushie Peach! You've been doing a marvelous job!

jason67 said...

I agree. "Food With Eyes" is great!