Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sandwiches are Nutritious, too!

I'm a proud owner of yet another booklet sponsored by a margarine company. Sandwiches are Nutritious, too! (aka Good Housekeeping's Sandwich Manual) is one of a slew of new (old) cookbooks I've recently acquired. Blue Bonnet is the featured product, once again, in this handy primer to making the perfect sandwich for every occasion. This wonderful piece of work is from 1952.

1. Front cover - Sandwiches are Nutritious, too! Featuring Blue Bonnet Sue.

2. A FAQ from the 50s - Sue sets us straight on the product she represents.

3. Title page - Where the title changes from the front cover. Also has some nice aerial graphics of two scrumptious sandwiches.

4. A full spread of some of the recipes covered in this book.

5. Roll-ups, checkerboards, and rhubarb curls.

6. Facts in the life of a Sandwich - 'The best sandwich I ever ate.'

7. A chart of some of the classier garnishes.

8. Diagrams of bread slicing include Sandwich cuts, 'Jumbos for hearties', and Small ones for parties. This page also has a few ideas for creative variations of cream cheese and peanut butter sandwiches. The best idea? Mix peanut butter with deviled ham, chopped dill pickle, and mayonnaise for a different sort of treat!

9. This help-yourself sandwich tray is the perfect Perk-me-up!

10. Susan serves a Party Sandwich Loaf (part 1)

11. Susan serves a Party Sandwich Loaf (part 2)

12. A Picnic Style smorgasbord

13. This booklet refers often to the 'small fry' demographic. This page illustrates how to appeal to those Small Fries by trying out these fanciful shapes.

14. A drawing of Dagwood eating a dagwood. Plus, a photo of the towering Pyramid Sandwich.

15. Some of America's Famous Women, including Amy Vanderbilt and Mrs. Dale Carnegie, for Blue Bonnet.

16. Back cover - Blue Bonnet is what you need for the three S's: Season, Shorten, and Sizzle!


Steven Altis said...

Peanut butter and deviled ham? Peanut butter and deviled ham? Sounds... uhh. It sounds very...

Have you tried it yet?

jason67 said...

I once made a party sandwich loaf for a 60's-themed Christmas party. Here in Quebec, party sandwich loaves are typical holiday fare.

It was hell on earth to do! The worst part about it was slicing the loaf lengthwise...

Then I found out that local bakeries sell loaves sliced that way during the holidays...

Curly Wurly said...

Steven - Actually, I'm eating it right now! If you're looking for an unexpected melange of flavors, you ought to give it a try!

Jason - That sounds like a great party! I have a new-found appreciation for the difficulty of making loaves after looking at these pictures. After all the trouble, did it turn out well?

jason67 said...

It was great. Very rich, though (cream cheese icing with 3 layers of mayo based fillings...)

I had to go on a margarine-based diet afterwards...