Friday, February 23, 2007

Learn to bake... You'll love it!

Learn To Bake... You'll Love It! is yet another beautiful cookbook from the 1940s (1947, to be exact). The book features interesting line drawings and plentiful photos, many in vibrant colors. This a General Foods publication with emphasis on Swans Down flour, Calumet baking soda, and Baker's chocolate.

Thank you to my sister for use of this book!

1. Front and back covers - A nice integration of two styles of illustration

2. 'Learn To Bake - You'll love it!' - Introduction

3. Some of the tools of the trade, including the sponsored products and Diamond salt.

4. Artful ways to frost and decorate - A brightly colored frosting tutorial is shown (right) next to an illustration of a cake decorator.

5. 6 Wonderful Birthday Cakes - A jubilant page of partially-eaten cakes. All are nicely decorated and are on lovely plates. I wonder how often the 'Daisies Won't Tell' cake is really made.

6. The popular 1776 cake

7. Handsome to look at, stll better to eat - A page devoted to nicely baked biscuits

8. Mixer Cakes - A tigerlike Silver Moon Cake. As you can see from this page, the cookbook is beautifully designed with attractive typography.

9. An arty Angel Food Loaf

10. Pretty as a rose - with tinted coconut

11. Chocolate Pinwheels amid nice kitchenwares

12. Golden pastries and breads


jason67 said...

Beautiful book! Very tastefully done.

I think it was only later on in the 50's and 60's that Jello-happy housewives lost their culinary minds...

Curly Wurly said...

Right, it's very classic and timeless.

Jell-O has it's own sort of timelessness, though I've noticed that earlier Jell-O/gelatin food items (before the 50s-60s) weren't as outrageous as they later became.