Wednesday, February 07, 2007

1970s Decor (part 3 of 3)

Finally, the best part of the How To Make Your Windows Beautiful series is the pages of inspiring bedroom design ideas.

1. Luxury in Mustard Yellow

2. This one isn't too shocking. It is one of the many rooms in the book that looks like it's attempting to imitate the outdoors with green carpets and floral or botanical motifs.

3. This is the artsiest children's attic room I've ever seen! Unfortunately, the floor doesn't continue the pattern.

4. It's the coming of the Age of... Pattern!?

5. The top (left) room is a bit like a nightmare come to life. And more proof that yellow is great on the walls, ceiling, floor, bedspread, chair, and flowers!

6. A kind of sparse children's room. It looks like there's a full set of encyclopedias, though.

7. More colorful crimes

8. Certainly this is a room that no one could defend?

9. A hip way to deal with small spaces

10. The bottom two-bed room features 'hanging fabric panels under a boxed cornice-type valance to form ceiling-high "headboards!"'

11. Yikes.

12. The best thing about this room isn't the endless pattern but the odd poster hanging over the desk. I'm not sure if this is an adult or teen room. The poster and guitar case could suggest a teenager lives there, but the rest of the room doesn't seem to match.

Okay, that's it for this wonderful book. If only this book had thousands of pictures! I hope you enjoyed this stroll down designer memory lane!


jason67 said...

Unfortunately, the "Age of Pattern" totally went away in the 80's and 90's (Can faux-marble be considered a pattern?)...

Nowadays in home decor, there seems to be a ressurgence in patterned wallpaper (and our beloved shag carpeting...)

I'm still waiting for avocado green kitchen appliances to come back in style!

Curly Wurly said...

Faux-marble is definitely not a pattern, though if it's dayglo green, fuschia, or orange, it still might be nice!

I had no idea that patterned wallpaper and shag carpeting are coming back into style! I did, however, see lucite-like furniture at Target that I was impressed with.

Avocado green appliances were the best. They were certainly popular the first time around, so you think they'd give it another try. I've seen a maize-y color for new washing machines, I think.