Monday, February 05, 2007

1970s Decor (part 2 of 3)

More from the mesmerizing 1972 classic, How To Make Your Windows Beautiful. This set of pictures demonstrates the sophisticated way to decorate your dining rooms, kitchens, and other nooks.

1. Manor house elegance

2. This is what it would be like living inside a lemon and blueberry, respectively.

3. A very busy corner

4. A rustic dining room and two more blue and yellow rooms

5. You be the judge: a corner full of perkiness or a corner full of bad taste?

6. This room is kind of cute. Although, how many people actually have rooms that look like this?

7. I wonder if there are windows behind all of that curtain.

8. Bringing the outdoors inside. Who has shag carpet in that awful green anyway?

9. A classy little nook

10. The 70s were clearly all about patterns. Here is a bright pattern..

11. ..and a drab pattern.


jason67 said...

I had green shag carpet like that as a kid. I had tropical wallpaper and a Disney "Jungle Book" mural.

I loved it, it felt like grass...

Curly Wurly said...

I was actually just teasing about that shag carpet because my family has carpets of varying degrees of shagginess, too! Your room sounds really nice, like there was some real design there.