Thursday, February 01, 2007

1970s Decor (part 1 of 3)

I recently found a book so overwhelming, so life changing, and so loaded with full-color pictures that I'll have to devote three posts to its miraculous contents. Perhaps you're thinking that only a home decorating book from 1972 with almost 150 pictures could be that good. You'd be right! How To Make Your Windows Beautiful is an 'inspiring, all new guide for creating today's best window treatments.' Each picture, from the curtains to the furniture and other decorative pieces, offers an inspiring and awe-inspiring look at class and creativity in the 1970s. This first batch of pictures is predominantly living rooms, dens, and other designated lounging areas

1. The glowing front cover

2. A colorful introductory panel from the title page

3. An impressive start to the book, this room is meant to show off draperies with a stylish 'hand-woven look,' but the eye inevitably travels to the violent-hued carpet, the chic lucite furniture, and that fiber optic thing on the table.

4. The heading for this page claims that 'the best decorating is self-expression.' That surely doesn't reflect well on the designers.

5. Here the book discusses informality in room design. One definition of informality in decoration: 'A room where you can feel free to peel an orange.' I can't imagine this room achieved its purpose. Something about it is kind of disturbing. Plus, I don't see a trash receptacle for the orange peel.

6. Ornate, plush, and patterned

7. The lobby of a strange hotel

8. The main thing I notice about a lot of these settings is the mismatched furniture. The left side of the room (with the cool lucite items) doesn't go with the fancier chairs and coffee table on the right.

9. Astroturf makes great carpeting!

10. A modern minimalist look. This is probably the most stylish look in the book..

11. ..Unlike this picture. I think that's the family pet in front of the accident-waiting-to-happen coffee table.

12. 'Just a single "pow!" addition to a room can be the wonder-worker you're looking for'! The "pow!" addition to this room is a chain 'curtain,' apparently.

13. Finally, here is the Brady's den set up for a dinner party. Alice did a great job setting up those tiny tables!


jason67 said...

People were not afraid of color in those days and I LOVE it!

Bring on the wallpapered ceilings and the wall-to-wall shag carpet!!!

Curly Wurly said...

I'm especially impressed by all the greens!

I love it, too! I really never tire of looking at these sorts of things! It's beautiful and repellent all at once! 70s bedrooms especially utilized the wallpapered ceilings. I think some of these rooms had to have caused nausea and dizziness!