Friday, July 16, 2010

Comedy Cringe Festival - Day 2

Tonight is the second night of the weeklong Comedy Cringe Festival live from the Curly Wurly Comedy Wainscotting brought to you in association with the 1968 classic, Baker's Coconut & Chocolate Party Cut-Up Cakes. (I forgot to note that if you click on the images, you'll get a larger view and find more complete cut-up construction instructions!)

Tonight's Jokers: See if you can 'SPOT the FOX TERRIER'! And, don't sue us if you can't stop laughing.. it's 'TORTIE the TURTLE'!

(Act #3: Spot the Fox Terrier)
I love being a dog. We lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch.

But what is the deal with flea collars?!

(Act #4: Tortie the Turtle)
This truck full of tortoises collided with a van full of terrapins. It was a turtle disaster!

(Note: Some jokes loosely derived from George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld)

Tomorrow's Jokers: Make sure to get your tickets for Ella and Teddy!