Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Comedy Cringe Fest - Day 6

It was a tense day preparing for the penultimate night of the Comedy Cringe Festival. We weren't sure if our first act would make it out tonight in one piece, but we're pleased to say he hasn't thawed yet.

Tonight's Jokers: Here he is, straight out of the freezer, 'MR. SNOWMAN'! And, later.. He doesn't like it when you throw food at him, so please put those loaves of bread away when 'QUACK-QUACK the DUCK' takes the stage!

(Act #11: Mr. Snowman)

How does the guy who drives the snowplough get to work in the morning?

(Act #12: Quack-Quack the Duck)

While I was on safari in Africa, I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How an elephant got into my pajamas I'll never know!

(Some jokes may have been written more or less by Steven Wright and/or Groucho Marx)

Tomorrow's Jokers: We have a triple bill for the last day of the Fest! And they have nothing in common except for their inclusion in the Baker's Coconut & Chocolate Party Cut-Up Cakes cookbook.


Lidian said...

Why would these two cakes - if they are indeed sentient beings - be happy to be consumed? Why? WHY?

I am so happy to see a Groucho Marx joke, too - I adore him! (And thanks to YouTube I can watch all the Good Bits of Marx Brothers movies without having to endure the actual plots!)

Maria said...

Hi Lidian! I couldn't find Mr. Snowman to ask him your question, but Quack Quack told me that it is in the nature of all cut-up cakes to want to be eaten. He couldn't tell me why, though.

I'll let the Marx-based comedians know that you appreciated their jokes! I, of course, had nothing to do with the selection or writing of the jokes, but I thought those were the funniest of the bunch, too!