Sunday, July 18, 2010

Comedy Cringe Fest - Day 4

The weeklong Comedy Cringe Festival (still live from the Curly Wurly Comedy Wainscotting) (still brought to you in association with the 1968 classic, Baker's Coconut & Chocolate Party Cut-Up Cakes) is at its half-way point!

Tonight's Jokers: How you'll love her! It's 'SWANEE'! The roars will continue with 'DANDY-LION CAKE'!

(Act #7: Swanee)

I met the fellow who invented crosswords today, but I can't remember his name. Let's see.. it's P - something - T - something - R.

(Act #8: Dandy-lion Cake)

I wanted to recite for you folks my favorite poem written by the greatest wordsmith, Percy Dovetonsils, called Leslie The Mean Animal Trainer.

'Leslie worked in a circus
He worked in a great big cage.
He smacked the lions
and beat the bears
and put them all in a rage.

He kicked the lions with iron sneakers
and rolled up army cots.
He put cleaning fluid on all the leopards
and sneered when they lost their spots.

But a chimpanzee got even with him...
Leslie got killed by some smells,
when he stuck his head the lion's mouth
He had liver smeared on his lapels.'

(Percy Dovetonsils poem by Ernie Kovacs)

Tomorrow's Jokers: Bring the kids! It'll be a barrel of monkeys (without the barrel of monkeys)