Monday, July 19, 2010

Comedy Cringe Fest - Day 5

Well, the Comedy Cringe Festival is winding down, fortunately. I think we've all learned that, no matter how cute the cake is, these cut-ups tell terrible jokes! On that positive note, enjoy tonight's two acts!

Tonight's Jokers: A night of child's play with 'DOLL HOUSE' and 'HOBBY HORSE CAKE'!

(Act #9: Doll House)

I've got the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the freezer.

(Act #10: Hobby Horse Cake)

I goes to the doctor the other day and I says to him, 'Doc, I'm frightened of lapels.' He says to me, 'No wonder! You've got cholera!'

(Some jokes somewhat derived from Spike Milligan)

Tomorrow's Jokers: A quacking duo!


Lidian said...

So funny! And I really needed a laugh tonight - I'll catch up with the rest of the series tomorrow (just got back from a trip)

Maria said...

Welcome back, Lidian! I'll have to let the cakes know that they have one fan, ha! They're not too original, though.