Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kitchens of Distinction

In the same October 1955 issue of Family Circle as the featured article, Show house on a tight budget, there was another piece about kitchens that would go splendidly in your mid-century model home! Here is Here is our newest model kitchen by Jessie Bakker.

Feast your eyes on some of these modern amenities that are making their way into many homes across the country! (Click pics for full-size, readable article)

Also, I would like to thank Lidian, of the fabulous Kitchen Retro blog, for awarding me with an I Love Your Blog award!!

Right back at you, Lidian! I'm a new devotee of Lidian's blog, and I can't get enough of it! If you haven't had the pleasure of discovering Kitchen Retro on your own, do yourself a favor and follow this link. I guarantee that you'll be there all night!


Sparkleneely said...

SERIOUS kitchen envy.

And I love your blog, too!!!

Lidian said...

Maria -

Thank you for the link and the wonderfully kind words!

I love your blog so much, it is fabulous. Those kitchens of distinction are really something. I think my mother imagined herself just like this, sometimes (the reality was comically different)

Such a treat, as always, to read your posts -


Maria said...

Karen -- Not to parrot your comment back to you, but I love your blog, too! I'd gladly make room for some Karen books on my shelf (and buy them for everyone I know)!

Lidian -- No, thank you! Both for your kind words and for the endless entertainment of your blog!

Koekkener said...

It's exactly what I've been looking for. If you ever have any stubborn people like me, have them call me. Its the best....