Monday, November 24, 2008

Croon Another, Crosby

Think that modern internet and texting slang is impenetrable? Well, LWQX*, as they say! The December 1945 issue of Calling All Girls has an equally indecipherable collection of slang and overheard exchanges from classrooms, lunch counters, and soda fountains. Nancy Pepper, with the help of her tireless Hi-Style Scouts, have culled the choicest hip lingo from movies (Pix Trix), the military, and everyday life for all trendsetting linguists out there. And hold on tight for more Van Johnson references than you can shake a stick at!

Think it's all a little silly? Nancy Pepper's column had enough clout to influence the manufacturing of raincoats and belts decorated with 1940s slanguage and, oddly, miniature 'drool cups' to wear on your lapel. Those were the days.

* I'm assuming this is meaningless. Curly Wurly apologizes if it is actually inappropriate.


~~louise~~ said...

These are such treasures Maria and a bit on the hilarious side too!

I once had a list of diner slang somewhere around here. I remember one at least.

Two dots and a dash now if I could only remember what it means, LOL

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chelsea said...

The book _Kids' America_ had a page with diner slang. "Adam and Eve on a raft" was two eggs sunny side up on a piece of toast.

(Come to think of it, _Kids' America_ is a very Curly Wurly book. Maria, check your local library. ^_-)

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Maria,
Just wondering how you're doing?

Maria said...

Louise, yikes.. I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged in so long! It sure didn't feel like almost a month! Thanks for your concern, and I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving (and are having a happy holiday season)!!

Oh, and some of this slang is downright nutty! Pre-texting slang (from the 1980-90s) wasn't this mind boggling, I don't think! Diner slang is fun! There's an article on at the Hitchhiker's Guide and Wikipedia, which are always good sources. I wonder if two dots and a dash would be two eggs (fried or over-easy) and either bacon or a sausage link? That would be my guess, but now I really want to know!

Chelsea, I have never heard of Kids' America, but I can already imagine what a pop culture wonderland it will be! I mean, it's not every book that has a page on diner slang.. It seems like it's a dying bit of culture, unfortunately. I'm going to check out this book, thanks!

~~louise~~ said...

I do believe you are right, Maria. Two dots and a dash. The dash is the bacon and the dots are the eggs!

Welcome back!!!!