Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bad Comics, Good Advertising

The World's Worst Comic Book Museum is a Curly Wurly-approved site that is packed with covers from amusing and bizarre comic books. Though a lot of the samples will make you cringe or scratch your head in confusion, a few feature some familiar friends:

You might remember Jello-O Man and his loyal pal Wobbly from this early 1990s bit of cooking fun. Jell-O Man is still a compelling spokescharacter despite the tragic fact that he represents an age where savory gelatin salads are passé. Seasoned comic book fans will be ecstatic to learn the Secret of Jell-O Man's Origin! Note that there is also a 'Museum Mystery' advertised on the cover. I'm assuming the mystery is how this delightful book could be deemed bad!

OH, YEAAHH! It's Kool-Aid Man leaping out of his time machine and saving the day with a frosty pitcher of Kool-Aid! Don't you wish you could find out how he can battle the Thirsties and manage to take time for a camping adventure? He's perhaps a little more animated in this escapade than in his previous appearance on this blog (in the Kool-Aid Comes Of Age cookbook), where he takes the form of a Halloween cake.

I've never posted anything related to McDonald's but, surely if I had any pictures of Mayor McCheese, I'd post about him often. While Ronald, as usual, takes center stage in this little book, Mayor McCheese remains the unsung hero. This particular comic contains an uncharacteristic story called 'Hamburglar Bungles.' That just doesn't seem right. Incidentally, it looks as if the McDonald's gang also time travels!

Check out the Museum for many more gems, and admire the original covers in their rightful place for further commentary.

Another (unrelated) website I recently discovered: Flip through Household Magazine 1951 at Swank Pad. It cost the original owner 15 cents, but it's a bargain for you! Recommended for fans of old advertising! Plus, check out my favorite, Let's Design Our Dream Home, all home decor from a 1957 Better Homes and Gardens!


jason67 said...

Whatever happend to all the McDonald's characters?

Curly Wurly said...

I think they were phased out. Ronald might still be in some commercials, but I usually only see people. I guess they can't make a case for hipness or healthiness and have a guy in a big hamburger suit!