Saturday, May 19, 2007

The New Art Of Simplified Cooking

The famous General Electric kitchens are responsible for one of the classiest cookbooks in my collection, The New Art Of Simplified Cooking (1940). Each page oozes with the gentility of another time, from its elegant design to the sophisticated menus that undoubtedly graced the tables of many dinner parties.

Thank you to my sister for use of this cookbook!

1. Front cover - Sitting down for a simple dinner (though their idea of 'simple' is far different from what we consider acceptable these days).

2. From the title page

3. Photos of the beautiful General Electric Institute in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Includes a never-before-seen glimpse of their very own test kitchen!

4. An article on Modern Electric Appliances in the Home (c. 1940)

5. Canapé Time! - No one takes pride in the minute detail of their appetizers or finger foods anymore.

6. These two gargoyles guard the plate of paprika-dusted corn on the cob.

7. A traditional Thanksgiving

8. Even these cakes seem so high-class!

9. An array of desserts (and really nice glassware) laid out for a luncheon.

10. More baked goods than any family could eat!

11. A buffet in grand style, including peas in phyllo cups and..?

12. 'You'll enjoy the beauty and convenience of a General Electric Kitchen!' It is quite beautiful, I'll agree.

13. For More Pleasure in the Kitchen article - How General Electric appliances will make your time in the kitchen, whether cooking or cleaning up, far more pleasant and efficient.


jason67 said...

Understated, elegant, simply fabulous!

Curly Wurly said...

I only wish that there were pictures of all the recipes!