Friday, November 03, 2006

Jell-O Kids' Cooking Fun

The Jell-O cookbook of the day is the spiral-bound Jell-O Kids' Cooking Fun, which was only published in 1991. While it doesn't boast especially interesting recipes or kitschy graphics, it does include a strong advertising personality, Jell-O Man (and his canine sidekick, Wobbly). Here's some information about the pair right from the pages of the book: 'Jell-O Man (the children's hero who saves their Jell-O gelatin and pudding from thieves) and his loyal dog Wobbly help explain the steps of each recipe.' He really is a hero of our time.

At first, Jell-O Man really establishes himself as an asset to have around during gelatin and pudding making festivities, but soon his desire to fit in with the titular 'kids' results in behavior that becomes less and less heroic. As well, Jell-O Man dons several costumes along the way, which, technically, would have made this selection better suited before Halloween.

A responsible ...

... and helpful fellow

Today, in this post-Cap'n Jack Sparrow world, he would have just been one counting pirate in a million

As magician.. I mean, illusionist

As El Hombre Jell-O

As Donald Sutherland

Jell-O Man: trying too hard

Unhygienic goofing off

As Morrissey has sung, 'the devil will find work for idle hands to do'

Wh-wh-whoa dude!

As you could probably see from the small selection of edibles in these pictures, the foods were fairly uninspired. This is the most creative of the bunch. It's impressive how successfully personality can be conveyed with just a beard of coconut, licorice whiskers, or what looks like a green bean mouth!

Perhaps thankfully, I have only one more Jell-O book left to post. After that, photos of more solid food will follow!