Sunday, November 12, 2006

Amazing Magical Jell-O Desserts

In 1977, General Foods published Amazing Magical Jell-O Desserts, a lovely hardcover volume that includes not only '72 gelatin and pudding recipes,' but also magic tricks by Marvello The Great. Marvello is a slightly diabolical magician with a monocle who is credited with fantastic feats featuring gelatin. Clearly, he is far more likable than Jell-O Man.

1. Front cover - Here is Marvello with hovering gelatin desserts

2. A nice portrait of Marvello The Great

3. The Banana Wobbler - my favorite Jell-O item

4. The adorable Sunny Whip

5. The Strawberry Yogurt Poof - Fred's a lucky guy

6. Smilin' Snacks

7. Here is a fanciful example of the illustrations in this book

8. This last picture is from, 1976's The Jell-O Pudding Sampler. This is the glazed banana pie, a banana wobbler in pie form.