Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swifts' Chicken

Here are the front and back covers of a few little pamphlets about chicken from a company called Swifts Premium. There's no publishing information on them, but I found them tucked together in a cookbook from the mid-1970s. I'm assuming that they're probably from that decade. The chicken photographs look pretty dated, but most feature excellent drawings (or interesting photos) on the back cover. Note how the suggestive titles are probably an attempt at brainwashing. Now, when you begin to unconsciously make chicken for every meal after looking at these, you'll be able to reassure yourself of the tempting, nutritious, and people-pleasing qualities of chicken. It's a favorite with everyone.

1. A variety of enjoyable and taste-tempting recipes in these two pamphlets. Taste-tempting enough to make the kids look eager, but the adults seem to be less chipper. Perhaps no amount of taste-tempting chicken dishes can teach them how to love. I really like how the food from the front cover are then illustrated on the back cover!

2. Cary Grant has Clark Gable over for gourmet Breast of Chicken Curry!

3. Feast On Chicken Anytime - Even hippies like fried chicken!

4. Unfortunately, this last pamphlet abandons the intriguing photos and illustrations. We do get to see whole cut-up frying chicken, though!