Monday, January 26, 2009

200: Resolution #4: Add excitement!

Was 2008 a humdrum year for you? Perhaps your resolution for '09 is to break through the barrier of monotony and routine and create for yourself a more exciting, lively year. But how do you transform yourself from lifelessness and fatigue to vim and vitality? The Coca Cola Company has long insisted the 'Coke adds life,' so the obvious extension of their claim is to guzzle down as much Coke as you can possibly muster. And none of those second-rate other brands will do; if the can or bottle doesn't specify 'Coke,' then not only will it not 'add life,' but it will probably taketh away!

Once you start drinking more crisp, refreshing Coca-Cola, you'll notice that your diet just can't keep up with this amazing elixir. How could it? The Coca Cola Company divined this problem in 1978 and had a set of recipe cards created to address the issue head on. Feast your eyes on this 'Easy Meals' set from the 'Coke adds life to... your cooking' recipe collection.

Introductory card from Helen Geist, director of the Culinary Arts Institute.

Baked Ham and Sweet Potatoes - This dish requires two beverages: the mandatory Coke accompaniment and the orange juice marinade in which the ham is soaked. The ham does sort of look as if some of the Coke was spilled on it, though.

Beef Polynesian - The contents of this platter are largely unidentifiable. See if you can spot these ingredients: ground beef, mushrooms, golden raisins, green peas, orange slices, and cashews. The fried rice may or may not be seasoned with an ingenious mixture of Coca-Cola, curry powder, and soy sauce, but it must definitely be served with Coca-Cola.

Chicken Hawaiian Turnovers - Don't stray from Polynesia just yet! Chicken Hawaiian Turnovers capitalize on the crepe craze by stuffing chicken, banana slices, and pineapple into a paper-thin crepe. To ensure the authenticity of the dish (not to mention your enjoyment of it), it is best served with Coca-Cola.

The Comfy Buffet Casserole - You weren't thinking of making this delectable casserole and not drinking Coke with it, were you? To be fair, it's only spaghetti with added corn, but the Coke makes it so much more than that!

Lamb Patties on Eggplant Slices - This is a hideous crime against eggplant. Only that cure-all, Coca-Cola, can make this sight better!

Parmesan Macaroni Casserole - Usually one thinks of Coke as the ideal beverage for meats, but it's equally good with pastas or, in this case, macaroni and cheese with ham and green pepper!

Planked Fish Fillet Dinner - Ahoy there! Have a filling banquet on the high seas with this slab of fish and potato.. and a few cans of Coke!

Pork Chops with Onion and Lemon - So simple yet so classy.. made all the more stylish with cans filled with the energizing tonic, Coca-Cola!

Shrimp and Rice Au Gratin - Shrimp nestle near a bed of processed cheese cubes in the fanciest dish yet! Skip the wine and the champagne, and uncork a bottle of domestic Coca-Cola!

Man, is Coca-Cola good!!


Lidian said...

I wonder what beverage we're supposed to serve with these meals? Hahahaha! I love those recipe cards, they are such fun. As is this post!

Maria said...

I would recommend a lemon-lime or, possibly RC Cola! I expected these recipes to actually call for Coke as an ingredient, but all the recipes actually end with a 'Serve with Coke' instruction!

~~louise~~ said...

I've never seen these recipe cards. They are so "retro" I love the bell in the first image.

My sister once made a whole chicken perched on one of those chicken stands where you can insert a can into the cavity while the chicken cooks. I forget what they are called. Anyway, she used a can of coke and I must admit, the results were quite "explosive."

GREAT post Maria. Thanks so much for sharing...

Sparkleneely said...

Hmmm. but what about the "new" flavor, Diet Coke for those of us watching our waistlines???? or at least TAB???


Amy W. said...

I found your delicious blog by searching for vintage valentine images and I'm so excited. I have way too many (and yet not nearly enough) of these old recipe booklets and I get such a huge kick out of them! I'll be a frequent visitor from now on. Here's a couple of links to my blog where I've written about some of my old cookbook finds- hope you enjoy:

Maria said...

Louise, thank you! These recipe cards were actually still in the plastic wrap when I got them (a few months ago, that is)!

I can't imagine what a Coca-Cola Chicken would taste like! I've certainly seen enough cookbooks for baking and basting with Dr. Pepper and 7-Up, so it mustn't be too bad!

Oh Karen, you can't use TAB with these foods! Don't even try! Diet Coke and Coke Zero are even more out of the question. It better be Coke if you want to cook these recipes, sister!

Amy, oh my gosh. Well, first of all, thank you for all of your kind words! But, most of all, thank you for linking me to your blog! I think I'm going to be a frequent visitor at your blog from now on! I may not be able to get past the Knudsen Recipes book with all those ridiculously wonderful dish names!