Monday, February 09, 2009

Resolution #5: Have Fun With Alcohol And Astrology

Curly Wurly's final New Year's Resolution post promises not only to instruct you in the art of having fun but also how to learn more about yourself. So, if the Coke in the previous post hasn't helped to 'add life' as promised, it may be time to take a gander at Mixology featuring '44 famous mixed drinks' and, most importantly, a primer of Happy Hour astrology! This booklet was published in 1971 by the Southern Comfort Company who offer this disclaimer to all moon-children of legal drinking age: 'Intent of astrology data herein is simply to inform, not to advise. Therefore any personal application is the individual's responsibility.' I guess Southern Comfort can't be held directly responsible for the humiliation an Aquarius might experience when he or she discovers that electric blue, their birth color, is an unappealing shade for their attire. (Remember to click on the pictures for full-size pages with astrological and drink information)

Mixology is about more than having you drink bottles of Southern Comfort every week. It's also about having fun and finding yourself spiritually. While this booklet is mostly an advertisement for Southern Comfort and a guide to the many beverages you can make using Southern Comfort, it is, more importantly, an invaluable 1970s fashion spread. It's impossible to pull your eyes away from the clothing and hair styles and the mesmerizing artificial smiles. I don't think I've ever been so aware of how many teeth people have; you can practically count them here!

Southern Comfort will school you in making your Happy Hour party out of this world! What's Southern Comfort, you ask? Well, it's not like ordinary whiskey: 'It actually tastes good, right out of the bottle!' Basically, it's special, it's delicious, it's remarkable. And, if you want your party to be special and remarkable, it must be the only whiskey you buy. Once you're serving the whiskey that all the pros endorse, your party needs only a few astrological charts to make it truly out of this world!

No, it's not enough to know your sign! What's your ruling planet? What's your element? You can know everything about that person you have your eye on just by finding out their birthday!

Wide lapels? Janet and Chrissy? This must be a 70s cocktail party! Remember, this suave Tom Selleck-like dreamboat will only come to those parties that serve Southern Comfort. Don't expect his RSVP if you plan on serving one of those other brands!

Resolutions are all about improvement. Take, for instance, the drink recipes in Mixology. You could have ordinary cocktails or you could have improved cocktails. All it takes is some Southern Comfort in place of your regular, bad-tasting whiskey, and you're all set!

Today's your lucky day! This crowd posing with their Comfort Old-Fashioneds is smugly considering how all the ritzy celebrities and fashionistas in Beverly Hills and Paris are sipping on the very same drink.

Glen Campbell and Erik Estrada popped in to learn a bit about palmistry (and they heard you were serving a Whiskey Comfort Sour)!


Lidian said...

Maria - Back in the 70s I was allowed to buy a paperback book about mixed drinks (don't know why, as I was totally overprotected otherwise!) and they had astrological themes. I adored the moody photos, and the book, but sadly it was lost. I miss it a lot. For a hot moment I thought that this was it, but no. There were no people in The Book, just dark velvety moody drinks photos (and recipes).

I enjoyed this post quite a bit, as I indeed had fun with alcohol (on paper!) and astrology.

~~louise~~ said...

I forgot how much fun this booklet is. Now, I'm going to have to dig mine out. I think I'll add this link to a post I did on zodiac cooking a while back. Thanks for reminding me Maria...

P.S. Did you see the Jell-O Give-Away I'm having for Jell-O Week? You should enter the Jell-O Rules Give-Away!

Maria said...

Lidian, your book sounds fantastic! I'll bet the photos were really something! I wonder if anyone's ever posted pictures from it on Flickr. It was a general mixed drinks book and not one associated with a certain brand? I'll let you know if I ever see something that seems to fit the bill!

Louise, it's a great one, isn't it? Was the heydey of zodiac-based cooking/drinking in the 1970s?

I'm so excited about Jell-O week! And I can't believe you have an original 1904 Jell-O cookbook! The earliest I've managed to see was the 1920s, and I thought that was pretty special.. but, wow, 1904!!

~~louise~~ said...

I do believe the heyday of drinking and astrology was in the 70s. I was too blitzed to notice:) Not really, I was a mother of two in the early 70s:)

I am very fortunate to have duplicates of these booklets. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm so glad you entered:)

Maria said...

Louise - Ha! It did seem to me that astrology was possibly at the height of its popularity in the 1970s.

Agreed! Thank you!! *fingers crossed*

Jenn Ski said...

ha ha! That is so funny